Someone Seeking Up (eclpse) wrote,
Someone Seeking Up

Making An Effort

DSCN1562This Saturday, I had my first knitting class at The Purple Purl. I'd passed it several times over the past few months, and I figured I should go on in (after checking out the website, of course!). The shop is really cute: along with the books, natural yarns, and little cakes/cookies and tea they sell, there's also just a place to just sit around and knit; the classrooms are downstairs. I signed up a while ago, just because I was a bit bored with my scarf-making (as anyone would be). But as it approached, I wasn't really looking forward to it. Not sure why, I think I just didn't know what to expect. But the class, titled "Learn To Knit -- 102 -- Beyond Knit and Purl" was really great! I learned a bunch of new stitches and am already thinking about trying my hand at cables and knitting in the round. I know, I know. This Saturday we're supposed to bring in what we've been working on, and also learn how to do some color work. That probably means nothing to almost all of you, but you have to appreciate my trying something new.
Tags: crafting, toronto

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