July 18th, 2010


This weekend is the anniversary of last weekend, otherwise known as my bachelorette/shower weekend. I may not have wanted a big deal, but let me tell you, it was incredibly fun and really really fantastic.

I will not post any photos of the Saturday night shenanigans to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent). Let's just say that I partied with Obama and leave it at that.

Sunday was the shower. If you'll remember, I wasn't sure that I wanted a shower in the first place. I ended up having a book shower, and what a freaking uh-mazing idea. I think I underestimated how wonderful it would be to have a bunch of books that my nearest and dearest picked out for me, and they were all spot on! I ended up with a crapload of cookbooks, classic works of literature, coffee table books, etiquette books . . . you name it, I got it. The shower actually ended up being books and brunch. How can you go wrong with brunch?!? Fritatta, mango prosecco punch, bagels, fruit, pastry, CAKE WITH A LAYER OF CREAM CHEESE FROSTING?!?!?!? Nomnomnomnom.

Himself even made a cameo, via the gift of a new MacBook (get it?). Would I have condoned the purchase? No. Am I pleased as punch? Yes. YES YES YES!!! Thank you again to everyone -- near and far! -- and especially to muh brideswomen for such an amazingly fantastical weekend.

(I don't really like posting photos of myself on here, but it had to be done.)