December 11th, 2009

Sinking To a New Low

So I'm sitting here knitting, watching Say Yes To the Dress, having a snack, enjoying my usual Friday night ("boozin, having a few laughs"). Then a preview comes on for a new TLC show: Four Weddings. The premise of the show is simple: four brides critique each other's weddings. On camera. And then, the "winner" -- the one whose wedding is deemed the best by the other brides -- receives a free honeymoon.

Granted, everyone has likes and dislikes from other people's weddings, and make note of practices/details that they would like to incorporate or logistical issues that they want to stay away from. But this? This is weird! This is making a wedding a competition, with a prize at the end! And they're unapologetic about it! The concept just runs me the wrong way . . . I hope I'm not the only one.