December 8th, 2009

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Last Friday evening I decided to shake it up a bit and accept a friend's invitation to join her at a hot yoga class. I've done yoga, but I'm not the biggest fan; I'd much rather go to a pilates class. For me, pilates seems more for the body, and yoga seems more for the mind/spirit. But I'm up for trying new things, so off we went to Moksha Yoga, up the stairs and into the very very very warm room. And that was just it . . . it was just yoga in a hot room. At the midpoint and the end of the class, I felt that I was even able to regulate my body temperature somewhat, so I cooled down a bit. And other than my wet clothes, my friend told me that I didn't even look as if we had been in the same room.

But, hey, Namaste and all that.