November 30th, 2009


So now that the cat is officially out of the bag to everyone we know, I feel able to open my mouth again. We spent Thanksgiving weekend visiting family and friends, meeting with photographers, and looking at venues for the ceremony and reception. We put 900 miles on our rental car, I came back with a sore throat, and we both are completely and utterly exhausted. It was, however, an incredibly productive weekend. Before Christmas, my goal is to:

a) have the venue booked
2) have the photographer booked
c) have the church booked
d) have a tasting with the caterer scheduled
e) have the Save-the-Date cards printed and mailed/ready to take to Ireland

How many do you think we'll have done?

Side note: If you haven't seen The Wire, consider this your notice that you must watch at least the first season before coming to the wedding. (I'm not kidding. There will be a quiz.)