November 2nd, 2009

In the Still of the Night

At what point does it become cleart that you're just not going to fall asleep again? I have been up since three o'clock and am still wide awake. I feel that if I'm not sleeping, I might as well be doing something productive, y'know? Working on my scarves, sending a few emails, reading . . . And what happened to writing? Didn't I want to be a writer once upon a time? I have done none of those things. Instead, I have tossed and turned, been downstairs, tossed and turned some more, and continued to lie here with my eyes closed in hopes that the sandman will grant me some mercy. Apparently he only makes one round a night -- maybe two. But I'm pretty sure that at 5 a.m., his shift is over. I'm actually thinking of getting up and starting my day. What time do grocery stores open? Maybe I could do some shopping before work. Or laundry. Then I could go to the office and actually get some work done before I crash. I'm anticipating the crash to happen around 11. This doesn't seem the best way to start a week, does it?

(no subject)

Canadians - well, Torontonians at least - tend to carry travel mugs. Ordinarily I wouldn't think much of it, but here I see as many travel mugs as I see take out paper cups. In such a metropolis as Toronto, where there are twice as many Tim Horton's as there are Starbucks (and that's a lot), it's clearly quite convenient to pop in and grab a coffee; it's not as if it's a rural area and no one passes a place to grab coffee on their morning commute. Is it financial? Maybe, although I bet most people would choose convenience over spending $1.29 for a coffee at Timmy Ho's. Is it environmental? Maybe, although I'm too realistic to think that so many people care that much about the environment to use a travel mug every day. Maybe it's juts the "in" thing to do. Taking the GO train from Scarborough? Make sure you've got your travel mug. Spending time from up north on the VIVA bus before tranferring to the TTC? Make sure you've got your travel mug. With handle, of course.