October 14th, 2009

The Little Gerbera That Could

DSCN1818 Early summer, I bought a little plant to brighten my desk. A small cluster of gerbera daisies, it was, with pert, green leaves and four bright red blooms. It was a happy time. And then, a few weeks later, the blooms all but withered and wilted away. I wasn't sure if new blooms would appear, so rather than leave the plant on my desk, I brought it home. It did okay in the house, and I decided to try planting it outside. It appeared, however, to be a bad decision; within days, the leaves wilted and turned brown. I wrote it off as being dead, but left it in the planter out of sheer laziness. And then, my friends, sheer laziness paid off -- in a week or two, the plant sprouted fresh leaves, full and green and sturdy. I was surprised, but obviously quite pleased. And then - and then! I looked out on the back deck one morning to see one red bloom finding its way toward the sky.

In other gardening news, I got my crocuses and other-species-which-name-I-can't-remember-right-now bulbs into the ground yesterday evening. Actually I did my crocuses over the weekend was going to finish this weekend, but was scared into doing to last night by a frost warning. The area still looks a wreck, but I'm still trying. My new Ethel gardening gloves are fantastic though, a massive improvement over the old clumsy ones that I had been using all summer.

It seems that that's it for my gardening season! Hopefully I'll have some compost to use by the time next spring rolls around.

Lessons learned:

- Good gardening gloves make life so much easier.
- Pay attention to the what needs full sunlight and what does better in partial sunlight!
- Do not be afraid to tame runaway ornamental grass!
- When planning a garden, make sure to allot space for plants to grow into; when adopting a garden that you did not plan, patience is key.