August 25th, 2009

Let's Talk Little Things

When the city worker's strike ended, Toronto was left with a lot of garbage. And, as it turned out, a lot of bugs. Fruit flies, to be exact. They have taken over the city and have been everywhere, from my kitchen to the bathroom at work. At first I thought that my home and my office were isolated fruit fly targets . . . but then I realized that everyone was fighting the good fight!

Two of my coworkers and I spent part of an afternoon devising a trap of a Starbucks cup, part of a banana peel, balsamic vinegar and honey. It wasn't pretty, but after setting that a couple of times, the kitchen was approachable again. I'm telling you, it's tough at the top.

While I hate gnats, let me tell you about another insect that I rather enjoy: the black ant. You laugh, but black ants are fantastic. They're not gross, they don't hover around you, they're not harmful, they're smart, industrious and hard working, and they just want to be left alone and carry their burdens. If only more people were like ants.