July 16th, 2009


DSCN1696 This morning I was strutting down my street, singing along with Laura Izibor, when I suddenly stepped on a screw. It went through my flip flop, into my foot, and it hurt. I then turned around, hobbled home, washed and disinfected, washed and disinfected, washed and disinfected. I then hobbled to work.

If it had been a nail, I'm fairly certain that I would now have a hole through my entire foot. If it had been rusty, I worry that my foot would've had to be amputated. (Not really, but there was a slight bit of panic when I got back home and yelled upstairs to my sleeping Irishman - who, incidentally, did not wake up.)

Got me to thinking, I wonder when I got my last tetanus booster?

Meanwhile, the strike continues, and public parks that have been made into dumping locations are now being taken over by bags of garbage . . . it's starting to raise a few health concerns. Thank goodness the temperatures have barely broken 80F yet, otherwise this place would reek to high heaven. However, it's clear that some residents are starting to get fed up, that's for sure . . .