May 20th, 2009

Celebrations of Light

Fireworks!Picture it: A weekend in May. There have actually been some days without rain, everyone's excited about the pending warm weather, and a long weekend marks the entrance to summer. No, it's not Memorial Day weekend . . . it's Victoria Day weekend!

The evening of Victoria Day, we decided to head out to the beaches, which is a short streetcar ride (or a longish walk) down the road. It's quite nice over there; plenty of shops and restaurants, but really neighborhood-y. And the beach! the long stretch of lakeshore is actually divided into three separate beaches, all connected by a boardwalk. If you've never seen fireworks on the beach, I highly recommend it; There are a jillion people around, but no one's in the way, resulting in optimal views. The slight downside was that in spite of it being May 18th, the temperatures were well below optimal. Even he was chilly!

Ah well, there's always Canada Day. After all, nothing says "crowd-pleaser" like explosions in the sky.