May 4th, 2009

Angry Torontonians!

Perhaps you've read my entry a few weeks back regarding Torontonians and public transit. Up until Thursday, it seemed that no one was ever in a hurry, no one got frustrated, no one got angry. It was obnoxious. But Thursday evening, it was raining. Hard. After I got off the subway, I was one of many people waiting for a bus for about 25 minutes. Then two buses came, and other than the smell of wet people, I thought we were in the clear. And we were -- until about ten minutes later, when the bus driver stopped to let people off/on, and didn't move. After about a minute, people started to grumble. One guy yelled, "Hey, can you just drive the bus?" Apparently there were people crowding in the front, and the driver yelled back, "How can I drive the bus?!?" Followed by another guy yelling about his tax dollars paying for the guy to drive the bus. Followed by a guy in the back shouting something like, "Well aren't you a big man." I couldn't stop grinning.

Skip ahead to this morning, where a woman was trying to get to the back door from her seat at the back of the bus. Another woman got a bit testy about the shoving (rightly so!), and said, "Why don't you wait to get by until the bus stops moving, because I can't go anywhere." She got a big, fat "Fuck you." The woman's reply? "Fuck you!"

Don't get me wrong, I usually don't endorse nastiness. But in this context, in this city? Amazing!

Another facet of the garden mystery solved!

Ornamental GrassWe've got a visiting Banks in town this week, so we decided to get out of dodge and head up to Montreal for the weekend (post and pictures to come!). We stayed with a lovely couple (Banks family friends), and the woman and I ended up discussing her garden. One of her plants just happened to be my unidentified plant number 3! Turns out, it's Arrhenatherum Bulbosum Variegatum, a kind of ornamental grass.

More flowers are beginning to poke up in our front garden; I'll post pictures when they bloom. Not to mention the last frost date is this weekend, so I'll be ready to plant my annuals on Sunday!