April 24th, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In addition to learning how to knit (or learning something other than the stocking stitch, rather), I've also decided that I'd like to try my hand at gardening. While I'm not new to plants by any means, they've always been potted, indoor plants. Now that we have some outdoor space, I'd like to branch out a little bit (pardon the pun).

DSCN1620 DSCN1613 DSCN1611

We have two outdoor areas:a front deck and a back deck. The front faces west, and gets the afternoon sun, while the back faces east and gets the morning sun. Since the grill is on the front deck, I thought it would be best if we put a patio set and keep some of the planters out there, and then turn the back into more of a garden-type space -- you know, a bench and side table, bird feeder, lots of greenery, the whole bit. I cleaned out the planters and the pots left by the last tenants, and planted some crocus bulbs last winter. And I waited. But I've come to the conclusion that all of the bulbs were duds, because none of them bloomed. Not one! Incredibly disappointing, trust me. I've since shrugged it off and started to decide what I wanted to do with both spaces. Lavender and impatiens . . . petunias and basil . . . The weather is supposed to be glorious tomorrow, so I was going to head to the local nursery with my big plans and see how they'd pan out. But wait! Toronto's last frost date is May 9. May 9! Almost a full two weeks away before I can plant the annuals. Also incredibly disappointing.

In the meantime, I've another little project. In our home, the downstairs tenant has the back garden, but no one is really responsible for the plot of land out front. Someone had obviously cared for the space long ago, but up until about a month ago, it had become terribly overgrown -- and winter didn't make it look any better. So I took it upon myself to throw on my gardening gloves and dig in (ha!), weeding the area and resetting the paving stones. (I just need some hedge shears and we'll really be in business). Much to my surprise, many things began sprouting a couple of weeks ago. Trouble is, I have no idea what they are! There are a few different types of flowers, a shrub of some sort, what I think an unruly miniature rose bush and even a tree (last two not pictured). I suppose I'll stay busy solving these mysteries until the 9th.

DSCN1623 DSCN1624