March 10th, 2009

Annoyed To Tears

Last night I was tired. My boss' boss was flying off the handle for various reasons, I left work at 7, and I just wanted to get home, into some sweatpants, and forget about how long the day had been. So I head down into the subway station and hear a train coming. Now - I know that it's not always the train that you want. Sometimes the train that you hear is the train that's headed in the opposite direction. But it never ceases to amaze me that here, in a metropolitan city, people hear a train coming and don't speed up at all. As in, we're all headed down the stairs, and the train is right there! Right there! You can see it! And people are just strolling down the steps, as if they don't want to go home. Or they don't have to go to work. Or they don't have to go anywhere, for that matter, and the next train will be along before too long. It drives me mad. So I missed one train in that very fashion and waited 10 minutes for another. Fine. A couple of stops later, I have to transfer to another train to get home. So I get off train #1 and head downstairs to catch train #2 . . . it's right there! Right there! But apparently, NO ONE cares, because everyone's just ambling down the steps at their leisure. Not older people, not people carrying lots of heavy things, no. Just regular people who have no sense of urgency. I missed that train, too. I was so pissed, and then the tears came. And then I had to tell myself to lock it up so I wouldn't take out my frustration on my other half.

I'd seriously like to scream to transit-takers: Do you enjoy hanging out in subway stations with strangers? And garbage? Don't you want to get where you're going?? What's wrong with you??!!??