January 19th, 2009

Yet Another Edit To My New Year's Post

Thing I love about Toronto #7: My neighbo(u)rs.

I'm not talking about our downstairs neighbor, who signs for my packages when I'm not home and whom Eoghan's already befriended over a few "bevvos."

I'm talking about about the lovely people across the alley.

Everyone on our street parks their cars behind the houses, and the people on the next street over do the same -- so the backs of the homes all face each other and the cars are parked all down the lane that runs in between.

Let me start by saying that it's been snowing since Saturday. Today is Monday. And silly me, I took the car to work today. No problem . . . until I come home and tried to get into our parking spot. The back lane has ruts from all of the car tires, but on either side of these ruts the snow has built up a little bit. So I tried to back into our parking spot and the lil' green bug was almost into the spot -- until my front tires got stuck in one of the snow ruts. I was backed in enough to let one car pass and pull into their spot almost directly across from me . . . then the couple got out of their car and asked me if I needed a little push (which, of course, I accepted)!

Now, I'm not saying that people wouldn't be nice enough to help in places south of the border. Especially the midwest -- I hear people are quite friendly over there. But I was genuinely surprised and grateful for the snow veterans helping out a girl from the mid-Atlantic.

The next time I bake cookies, I'll know where to take the extras.