January 15th, 2009

Anoter edit to my New Year's Post

Thing I love about Toronto/Canada #6:

Low-to-no-cost birth control pills.

I was in a bit of a spot since Canadian pharmacies won't fill prescriptions that aren't written by Canadian doctors (fair enough, since American doctors aren't licensed to practice in Canada, as far as I know). So there I was, with a full year's prescription and unable to do anything with it.

Enter The Bay Centre for Birth Control. You can pop in and get two months at a time, no problem -- and while they didn't have Seasonale (because it's "too expensive"), they have a jillion other brand name pills. Mine cost $8 a pack. No insurance, no OHIP, no nothin'. Need a pap smear? Just make an appointment -- No cost, no problem.

Unbelievable. But in a good way.