January 12th, 2009

Drama on Boston Avenue!

Eoghan and I came home today to find that police had blocked off our street and fire trucks were lined up and down the lane, lights blazing. After getting the buzz from some neighbors (one of whom had "fled" to her car!), we found that there was a bit of an episode at the building site across the street.


"Evacuation Of Site Ordered After Fire Near Propane Tanks
Monday January 12, 2009
CityNews.ca Staff

An evacuation was ordered near a fire at a construction site near Queen and Carlaw Monday afternoon.

The reason? The danger of a propane explosion in the area.

Crews raced to 41 Boston Ave. just after 5:30pm when they received a report of a working fire at a condo complex under construction.

The blaze broke out when one of the heaters used to cure the concrete got too close to some wooden supports. The wood caught fire two storeys below the ground and near a crane.

The blaze wasn't all that serious until officials discovered the real peril.

There were 30 100 lbs. propane tanks under the crane powering those heaters and the danger that sparks could set them off and the memory of August's inferno at Sunrise Propane led to the precaution.

No one was hurt and officials now say the danger of any blast has eased. Nearby residents, who had been staying warm on a TTC bus, were allowed back into their homes about 90 minutes later."