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Someone Seeking Up

Random Fridays

Someone Seeking Up

Here you'll find almost a decade's worth of snark and ranting, a whole lotta nonsense, and perhaps a salient point or two.

A recent newlywed, I find myself standing at the threshold, trying to make out the rest of our life through all the haze. I can't see very far . . .

Bother me at SeekUp726 {at} gmail {dot} com!

Random Fridays

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A few weeks ago, there were a handful of just perfectly glorious fall days. Bright and sunny, crisp enough to wear a sweater, but warm enough to not have to wear a jacket. There I am, walking my bike on the way to work and BAM! A woman appears, transported from pseudo Victorian times:


Man, she looked warm.

But it was very, very, random.
  • Lol, I still think the naked guy outside of Butler's was more random. :p
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