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Someone Seeking Up

Details . . . Kinda

Someone Seeking Up

Here you'll find almost a decade's worth of snark and ranting, a whole lotta nonsense, and perhaps a salient point or two.

A recent newlywed, I find myself standing at the threshold, trying to make out the rest of our life through all the haze. I can't see very far . . .

Bother me at SeekUp726 {at} gmail {dot} com!

Details . . . Kinda

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Oh, so yes. This job.

I contacted someone at the suggestion of himself's boss. He's agreed to sit down with me for coffee and talk about the industry up here, advice, blah blah blah. Basically, I was attempting to work on my networking skillz . . . and I thought the guy was meeting me as a favor to himself's boss. So we met for coffee -- a casual meeting, mind you -- and after chatting for half an hour, he pretty much offered me a job. Part time, full time, contract, long-term, whatever I wanted.

It’s an established publishing house, a bit of a commute, but long term they’re looking to move back downtown very close to where I live, which would be good. Not everyone works on site, so work-from-home options are probable. The department is the same as what I was in when I last left book publishing, and instead of assisting, I would actually be making deals. SCARY. But I would also obviously be learning as I go, working alongside this guy, and get to travel to the biggest trade fairs. A bigger/more traditional publishing house might be more comfortable for me because I would be lower down on the totem pole, but I would also be more vulnerable when cuts roll around and almost certainly wouldn’t get paid as much. Worst-case scenario: I do well and within six months, I'd have a base in the industry here and be able to move around to other places a bit better. He’s the one who mentioned that, as well as acknowledging that time frame. I could learn a lot at this place, and it could prove to be decently lucrative in the long-term.

Plus, any money is good at the moment, and I'm beginning to feel a bit useless. I'm thinking that I'll start with a short-term contract, just to see how it goes. That will also get me through the summer, which is completely dead and therefore places are less likely to be hiring.

Seems like my days of loafing about are coming to an end.

QUICK -- to the couch!
  • Yay! Congrats! That sounds super promising!! I'm kinda of thinking of putting my loafing around days to an end but only after we're done with the remodels... 2 real jobs + a simultaneous kitchen and remodel = certain divorce.
  • Dude, that's awesome! It sounds like a great opportunity, so I hope it works out well! When would you start/have to give up your loafer ways? Lol.
    • I start this week. I'm happy but not thrilled. We'll see how it works out.
      • Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that even if this doesn't turn out to be the dream job, it might help you get there. :)
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