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Someone Seeking Up

Random Fridays

Someone Seeking Up

Here you'll find almost a decade's worth of snark and ranting, a whole lotta nonsense, and perhaps a salient point or two.

A recent newlywed, I find myself standing at the threshold, trying to make out the rest of our life through all the haze. I can't see very far . . .

Bother me at SeekUp726 {at} gmail {dot} com!

Random Fridays

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I was riding my bike back from the west end of the city when I heard a woman screaming.


She was sobbing, screaming, and wandering around with no purpose.


Ooooookay, I thought. This woman is obviously in distress. So, being the good Samaritan that I am, I pulled over and approached her (albeit quite cautiously).

"Do you need help?" I asked, thinking that her child or her dog had wandered off or something.

"Ohh . . . oh, I don't know," she said, looking around. "I lost my boyfriend, I don't know where he is."

I paused. I mean, what was I supposed to say to that? She was having a freaking meltdown -- on the other hand, if her boyfriend was anywhere within a two/three-block radius, he would've heard her. Also, how do you lose your partner on an uncrowded sidewalk???

I asked if she'd tried calling his phone. It turned out they're from out of town, and don't have cell phones. I asked if they were staying with friends; maybe we could try calling them. No, they weren't. She said that it was okay, that she'd find him somehow. She wandered off, looking forlorn.

It was kinda sad, kinda weird.

And very, very random.
  • That was me 2 months ago. Running around screaming Soquetaaaaaaa with a black and white picture of her crumpled up in my hands. And I was dressed like a hobo and people were kind of scared of me when I ran up screaming in a goofy foreign accent asking if I they'd seen a small black and white dog. And I didn't even notice that some horrid bugs were biting me (I'd say mosquitos but the bites were huge and lasted days)... and by the time we all got home safe (I think it was about 3 hours) I was covered in welts. Not a day that I want to relive. EVER. I can't say though that I've ever lost Ivan. I don't think running through the streets screaming is the most productive way to find a grown human being.
  • That is definitely quite random. I hope she found her boyfriend, lol.
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