Random Fridays

While walking down the street, I noticed a group of construction workers, eyes (and smartphones) to the sky.


Whoa, I thought, if construction workers are amazed by something, it must be really amazing. So I looked up, expecting to be dazzled. Instead, this was happening.


I was really disappointed. Even so -- construction workers being impressed by something crane-related? Come on, that's pretty random.

Random Fridays

In spite of the baby fever that's been spreading around lately, the winter wind chill still likes to nip at my nose. So imagine my surprise when I went to the tea shop the other day and saw this gem:


Why yes, yes it was tea I was looking for, Lionel. How did you know?

Random Fridays

It's Friday here in Vienna, so this counts.

There's nothing like seeing a stuffed animal getting ready for Christmas. On his . . . racing car?


Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Random Fridays

So a couple of months ago (can you tell that I'm cleaning out my phone??) I was cycling back home and came across a bit of a disturbance downtown . . . zombies.




I'd forgotten not known about the Zombie Walk. And let me tell you, people were into it. The outfits were outrageous . . . and if you think you see a stroller in the last photo above, you would be correct.

It left me wondering, though, at what point did zombies become a thing? I mean, I know they've been around, but now they're just so damn . . . trendy. Which I think is weird.

And pretty darn random.